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Leaving it all on the court

Dedicating her all in the community

Whipping it up in the kitchen

High Fives
High Fives

Servitude is at the forefront of Alysha's heart and mind - how to improve communities, lend a hand, and create lasting change. Learn about Alysha's ongoing commitment to her community (and beyond), and discover the different ways you can make a difference, too.

In the Community

Image by Christine Siracusa

Browse Alysha’s delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, inspired by her love of cooking and the different countries she’s traveled to and played in, and be sure to check for regular updates for her latest in-the-kitchen creations.

Image by Christine Siracusa

Let's eat!


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The latest news

From career highlights to speaking out about social injustices to work in the community, stay up to date with Alysha's latest news articles that capture the who, what, where, when, and why of her platform. To contact Alysha about press opportunities, please click the button below to start the conversation. 

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