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Building stronger teams

in the community and beyond

As an advocate for childhood development and mentorship, Alysha firmly believes the youth will take the lessons they are instilled with, when provided the opportunities to learn and grow, and carry those important lessons throughout their lives, which is precisely why she remains closely connected to serving children and homeless communities.


The Mission

My first year of participating in the toy drive actually started as a last-minute effort with a volunteer from the hospital playroom. She happened to explain the toy shortage, and I knew we needed to do something. So, I decided to reach out to the fans to see if they would be interested in bringing toys to the next home game. No matter the number of donations, I knew a few toys would make a really big difference in the kids' lives. Since that moment, this toy drive has become greater than I imagined. Each year, the community + people from around the nation come together to help these truly exceptional families and children. Alleviating even a fraction of their stress remains my goal. They have enough on their plates and shouldn't have to also worry about issues like having supplies for their kids' art or music therapy. These children are remarkable, and I'm humbled to be a part of their lives through this special toy drive.

Image by J W

Alysha’s generous spirit stemmed from her family’s frequent moves through her childhood – she was always the new kid, trying to find her way and gain a sense of acceptance. Her journey molded her into a true empath, seeking to help and support those treated differently because of circumstances beyond their control – lack of financial resources, community support, and educational resources. As an active community leader and passionate philanthropist, Alysha’s hope is to impact the lives of people in her reach, throughout the Storm community, and far beyond.

"My motivation in life has always been centered around helping others  ensuring people are genuinely cared for, whole-heartedly loved, and strongly supported," Alysha shares.


Currently, Alysha volunteers at Seattle Children’s, an organization working to discover cures for illnesses while channeling the inner-warrior spirit of their patients.


“I believe kids should feel like kids, despite circumstances and illness. All children deserve to have a childhood – one of the many reasons why I dedicate my time to Seattle Children’s, their mission, and courageous patients," says Alysha.


As a 9th year WNBA player and current starter for the Seattle Storm, Alysha has had the wonderful opportunity to be involved with the Storm Foundation, helping equip the youth with the skills, desire, and confidence to reach their full potential. Alysha’s personal mission closely mirrors The Storm Foundation – encouraging young girls to embrace the power to learn, lead, and live healthy, joyful lives. Helping others is something that comes second nature to Alysha, as she believes God has provided her with the platform to spread His love to others and inspire those who may not take the normal path in life.

If you’re interested in helping your community (and beyond), be sure to follow Alysha on Instagram where she posts about opportunities to get involved, or, if you think Alysha would be a great fit for your next event, click the button below to begin the contact process.

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