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Welcome to Alysha's online kitchen!

Enjoy delicious, original recipes, straight from Alysha's kitchen, as well as recipe reviews, upcoming cooking events, and deets into Alysha's travels and the cuisines she enjoys along the way.

A little of this, a little of htat

Recipe disclaimer: Exact measurements are not always used; however, each item is described in detail, to facilitate a seamless cooking experience.

Image by Caroline Attwood

Meet the Chef

There’s always that distinct moment when people fall in love with the art of cooking.

Alysha’s moment happened to be during her junior year of high school when her father called her into the kitchen to teach her how to make lasagna.

“I’m not going to be with you in college, so you need to learn to cook for yourself,” he said, as they began making the traditional Italian dish.

At that very moment, Alysha’s interest was piqued, and as she began her professional career abroad, her palate expanded, too. From enjoying shakshuka, hummus, and shawarma in Israel, to indulging on homemade pasta and gelato in Italy, to snacking on pierogis and Polskie nalesniki in Poland, to eating paella, empanadas, and churros in Spain, Alysha’s been fortunate to immerse in food cultures from around the world, which have broadened her cooking skills.


“Not only do I enjoy trying dishes from around the world, but I love taking everyday items and turning them into something delicious as well as putting healthy spins on comfort food. Growing up, we didn’t always have the means to splurge on expensive ingredients, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t make tasty food,” Alysha shares.

From her father’s early teachings in the kitchen, to immersing in YouTube videos on proper cooking techniques, to learning first-hand from two incredibly gifted chefs in Seattle, Tamara Murphy and Eric Rivera, Alysha has learned how to choose the best ingredients, how to establish and maintain relationships within the industry, the barriers they’ve broken, and the reasons as to why they love food. As a self-taught chef with many influential teachers, Alysha seeks to elevate to new levels in the cooking world, as this art form is something she not only enjoys sharing with others but something valuable in her personal life as well.

“Because I’m constantly traveling and eating out, I know I’m at risk of making perpetually unhealthy choices. Instead of always opting for takeout, I take pride in being my own chef because I’m fueling my body for games and recovery,” Alysha reveals.  


Like basketball, where Alysha is constantly working on her game and trying to find ways to make sure the best version of herself is out on the floor every night, she is constantly learning new techniques and combinations to create something that tastes amazing. Her go-to dishes are teriyaki-Dijon crusted salmon, five-spice rubbed roasted chicken, and homemade marinara spaghetti (thanks, Aunt Judy!)

To enjoy some of Alysha’s favorites, feel free to browse her recipe collection below, and be sure to visit regularly for updates!

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